Sunday, 30 April 2017


On a week night  you only manage to  get in one game, you pack your terrain in 4 boxes, cart them over to gaming store, spent 1 hour setting up the terrain, start playing and your opponent  rolls 3 x double 6's in a roll, not once but twice that night. I know its part of the game but does not make for a enjoyable game if you are on the tail end of it.

This  happened many times over the 2 day Chain of Command competition at Cancon 2017, here players came from all over Australia to play.

In response to this I designed a card that allows double 6 +, rolls to occur but stops the double Phases 6+, rolls occurring in a roll, which allow players multiple Phases of play.

I am not trying to re write the rules, just providing another option, a house rule to utilize with the agreement between players.
If you are interested in the card, follow the link for PDF file you can print out:
Double 6/s plus Card for Chain of Command game

2 x laminated doubles cards

Basically: each player retains a card which is placed with the blue side faced up. 

When a player rolls double 6's+ he plays his double game Phase but also flips the card over to reveal the Yellow side.
When the same player rolls another double 6's+ instead of playing double Phases he applies the effects that are listed on the card.
example: if a roll of 3 x 6's are rolled:
Add 1 Chain of Command pip towards a Chain of Command Dice.
Play 1 game Phase.
End the Turn.
Flip the card over to the Blue side.
When the player once more rolls double 6's + he can play a double Phase and again flips the card over to the yellow side, etc. 

If you are interested in obtaining a PDF copy to print out for yourself follow the link below :

Double 6/s plus Card for Chain of Command game


  1. Personally, I think this is totally unnecessary. The double 6 means players get fewer 1,2,3,4,5s . In Big Chain of Command the triple 6 only applies when the designated overall leader on each side rolls it. See page 8 on the "Big Chain of Command" rules. Double or triple sixes are just as likely to occur on your rolls as your opponents.
    Besides, Lardy rules aren't designed for tournaments or competitive play.

    1. Point taken Geoffo, thanks for your reply.
      I am only offering a house rule, up to players if they want to use it.
      Yes I know Lardy rules aren't meant for tournaments,The tournament I mentioned at Cancon in Australia,is more of a excuses to get a group of guys to game over 2 days and enjoy this great game.(there were no prizes)
      cheers John ;-)

  2. Another great Idea! You are very dangerous when left to think alone. ;>)
    This something we have been wrestling with for some time and will use the card, when everyoine in the game agrees to it.
    Dick Bryant

    1. Thanks Dick for your comments :-)
      cheers John