Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Finished the cards a couple of days ago but spend a while trying to work out how to create a link to the doc.
If you are interested at viewing/downloading the complete set  just clink on the link below:

Had a stuff up with the word dc. in the previous download link. I have corrected this by deleting the old word files and converting them to PDF.
I have included instructions for preppine cards and recommend laminating them. (buy a very chea laminator) .


  1. Have you thought about putting these up on one of the card making services? There's one of them that allows other to purchase your card design, which is stored in their database. I know there is one service that has several sets of IABSM and Sharp Practice cards, but I can't remember the name of the company (helpful, I know).

    In any case, these look fantastic, and good job on including the rules snippets.

  2. Hi Arkiegamer,
    These cards are free but since you mentioned it, I have been mucking around on ARTSCOW tonight. The only drawback I think is the size of the cards maybe too small to allow for the rule snippets to be included so that they are readable. I could just leave them out and have the images only.
    I appreciate your feedback.
    many thanks John

  3. Your cards are great!! many thanks, John.
    I bought several card sets from artscow, and they are very nice. Yours would be a nice adition.

  4. Thanks Emilio
    Glad to contribute to your collection.

  5. I like these John much nicer to have the rules on the cards - well done

    1. Thanks Truscott Trotter,glad you like them.
      cheers John