Sunday, 30 April 2017


On a week night  you only manage to  get in one game, you pack your terrain in 4 boxes, cart them over to gaming store, spent 1 hour setting up the terrain, start playing and your opponent  rolls 3 x double 6's in a roll, not once but twice that night. I know its part of the game but does not make for a enjoyable game if you are on the tail end of it.

This  happened many times over the 2 day Chain of Command competition at Cancon 2017, here players came from all over Australia to play.

In response to this I designed a card that allows double 6 +, rolls to occur but stops the double Phases 6+, rolls occurring in a roll, which allow players multiple Phases of play.

I am not trying to re write the rules, just providing another option, a house rule to utilize with the agreement between players.
If you are interested in the card, follow the link for PDF file you can print out:
Double 6/s plus Card for Chain of Command game

2 x laminated doubles cards

Basically: each player retains a card which is placed with the blue side faced up. 

When a player rolls double 6's+ he plays his double game Phase but also flips the card over to reveal the Yellow side.
When the same player rolls another double 6's+ instead of playing double Phases he applies the effects that are listed on the card.
example: if a roll of 3 x 6's are rolled:
Add 1 Chain of Command pip towards a Chain of Command Dice.
Play 1 game Phase.
End the Turn.
Flip the card over to the Blue side.
When the player once more rolls double 6's + he can play a double Phase and again flips the card over to the yellow side, etc. 

If you are interested in obtaining a PDF copy to print out for yourself follow the link below :

Double 6/s plus Card for Chain of Command game

Saturday, 29 April 2017



On completion of  my MARK III version of my Chain of Command Tracker I constructed a larger tracker "Mark IV"  and packed it with all sorts of information. I thought this was going to be my final tracker but after using it while playing Chain of Command game, I found it was not as effective. It was much easier viewing the effect of rolling "Bad things happen" on a reference sheet rather than on the Tracker. 
I decided I needed to make a "simpler Tracker" but I also wanted one which looked a bit retro (WW 2 like).
Upon  viewing a imagine of a  1940 British wireless Set #18 , I decided to base my new design on it. 
Mark V Tracker made  completely from MDF , a couple of bolts and nuts, perspex, sheet metal, 2 x earth magnets and  painted Black and  German Field-grey. The white writing I painted by hand, I also painted some fake screws on the tracker.

The large dial records the Force Morale.
The effect of throwing the D6 for your Force's morale at the start of the game (with modifiers for -/+ for Green/Elite troops) is listed on the left side of the large dial.

The right side of the dial records the effect of reduced Morale suffered during the game which starts effecting the command of the troops when Force Morale drops to 4 and below.

Since the majority of players  game with Regular troops, I designed the tracker around these troops.
If Elites troops are used and there Force Morale drops to 4 or below, then add the modifier on the bottom right of the large dial, so Elites would add another Command dice.
If using Green troops the modifier would be minus another Command dice.

The smaller dial records the number of 5's rolled with the  Command Dice.
When the dial reaches 6 it is reset to 0 and the small perspex piece is moved up over the appropriate number of Chain of Command Dice, accumulated.

The clear perspex has 2 very small earth magnets in-bedded within the perspex.
The  small boxed area  has a thin overlay of sheet metal glued down on top of the MDF, this allows the magnets to adhere and allows for up/down movement of the piece of perspex.

Imagine shows 2 x Chain of Command Dice have been accumulated (available to be used) and 1 x pip has been accumulated on the Chain of Command Dice with the Force Morale set on 10.
The tracker accommodates 5 x 16 mm dice (for Regular troops) or 6 x 12 mm dice (for use with Elite troops) .  

This image compares the size of the  "Mark IV" and "Mark V"  tracker, 28mm figure thrown in for scale.
(As you can see, the Mark IV is packed with info)

Image of 1940 British wireless Set #18 which I loosly based my Tracker on .