Friday, 12 January 2018


Finally finished my Late War German Infantry ready for 3 days of gaming, Chain of Command at  CANCON 2018 this January. 
(for those of you who are not familiar with CANCON, its a huge gaming event held in Canberra, Australia)

I started this project early last year and was constantly delayed finishing it by other projects, so the paint work on the figures differs  in quality from the earlier to the later painted figures.

I think, next time, I tackle painting another army, it would be wiser to start and finish it without being interrupted by other projects.  

These figures are 28 mm plastics  from Warlord games, I used mainly the plastic German Grenadiers (which I was happy with), I also had a pack of German Infantry (the ones that were first released, which I was not so happy with ).

A German section clearing a village.

3 Junior Leaders based on square bases, I crafted the SMG straps from green stuff.

Another 2 x Junior Leaders, In total I made 5 x Junior Leaders, 3 for the Platoon and for Support Options 1 x Junior Leader for another section and one for the Recon Team in a SdKfz 250.

2 x Senior Leaders based on Hex bases, again SMG straps added using Green stuff.

The rest of the infantry are based on circular bases.
I performed a bit of plastic surgery on the arms of the gunners  to  accommodate them firing from the hip. 

Plastic ammo belts were also added .

Another 3 x LMG gunners, I added some guns straps for a bit of variation.

A couple of the gunners have the ammo belt running over their arm.

A LMG team.

Ammo bearers for the LMG 

A Horde of ammo bearers.


Riflemen throwing grenades

riflemen in camo

Riflemen in camo helmet

More riflemen in camo

German Hordes ready for battle, at CANCON 2018

"Fur das Vaterland"

cheers John 


  1. Great mods to make each man an individual.
    I hope to see you at Cancon Mr Bond.

    1. Thanks Gozza for your comments, yes it be good to see you at Cancon.
      cheers John

  2. Very nicely done. Fearsome looking bunch.

    1. Thanks John, yep they do look Fearsome.
      cheers JOHN

  3. They look fantastic John, and the straps really do add a lot to the look.

  4. That’s some lovely painting here! Those two scenic shots at the start are just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Moiterei for your comments, glad you liked the scenic shots.
      cheers John

  5. Great work on these guys John!

  6. FYI the Germans only had rank chevrons on the left arm not both.
    No insignia = Grenadier
    pip = senior Obergrenadier
    one chevron = Gefreiter
    two chevrons Obrgefreiter
    The Gereiters would be the squad members with the most time in service a would be the MG gunners and Squad and assistant squad leaders.

    Unteroffciers and Feldwebels are the NCOs and have the lace around the collar and shoulderboards and would tent to be the Platoon leaders especially laate war.

  7. Thanks John, not really familiar with the fine details of the German uniforms, I intend to use these troops both as Grenadiers and normal Heer troops,so when I need to field Heer I have sufficient figures without the camo.
    cheers John