Thursday, 12 November 2015


   PART 1

I have started building up my Chain of Command Support List for my British Infantry. I was about to purchase 1 x Sherman + 1 x Sherman Firefly from Warlords for AUD $100 when I stumbled onto the Italeri 1/56 M4 Sherman kit for AUD $25, so I bought 4 Shermans. Great bargain as I get a Troop of Shermans.
I have converted one into a Firefly and modified the others to bring them up to British standards and I am happy with the results so far.

Here is the Sherman completed as per kit supplied.

Same Sherman after leaving the work shop.

Here is the Firefly conversion the main gun was carved from left over plastic sprue from a Rubicon model as the plastic is more rigid.


  1. Very nice conversion and modifications!

  2. thanks for you comment Arkigamer

  3. Superb conversion work John, I look forward to seeing them painted.

  4. Thanks Pat, it will be the first time I have painted vehicles of this scale.

  5. Hi John. Great looking conversion. Should the MMG on the turret be a bit shorter? I thought it was barely visible on the Firefly

  6. Thanks Aaron for pointing that out, I know it should be shorter and I was going to do it during the conversion but forgot. I did notice it later after taking the photos but thought no one would pick it up. Your keen eye sight has convenience me to shorten it.
    thanks for spotting .