Friday, 5 February 2016


                               British Engineers 28mm

Part 2

Finally finished painting my British Engineers, its the first time I've painted 28 mm miniatures and its been a big learning curve for me, working out what paints to use and how to apply them. After a number of attempts at painting I finally ended up with the following results.


  1. Cut a suitable length of brass wire. 
  2. Drill a hole into the front of flame thrower gun, allow sufficient deep to anchor the brass wire.
  3. Place super glue into the drilled hole and insert the wire.
  4. Paint  figure
  5. Use any type of polystyrene  fiber (pillow filler, aquarium filler cotton etc) for the flame.
  6. Cut small pieces of fiber and use the super glue to fix onto the wire, do this step until the wire is covered with fiber.
  7. Apply small amounts of super glue  over parts of the fiber, using a carving instrument dabbed in water to start push and pull the fiber into the  desired shape, I used  a photo as a reference for shaping the flame.
  8. Allow to dry, you can further shape the fiber by using scissors or any cutting instrument.
  9. If you are happy with the desired shape apply super glue over all the fiber to seal it and allow to dry.
  10. Paint the flame using the colors in the picture, the flame sequence is white to yellow to orange to red and black. This stage was done over a couple of days, hint: it helps to blend the paints while they are still wet . 
  11. Seal with a matt varnish.


  1. Oh my word! That flamethrower is flamin' marvellous (egregious pun intended). That's some very fine painting and modelling on the engineers sir. Well done.

  2. thanks Matt for your comments.

  3. Lovely work John, both on the conversions and the painting.