Saturday, 18 May 2019


My German sentry box, scratched built from MDF for 28mm miniatures.
I actually made this for use in a  scenario I played a while back ( view link)

All the pieced needed for the sentry box, I used 3mm MDF for this project.

To cut out the arched door way, make a series of cuts with a saw then use box cutters to separate the pieces.

Use a file to smoothed out the arch.

Using the saw make a series of shallow grooves along each of the pieces.

To add a wood grain texture to the MDF use a pointed instrument and grind in thin random lines.

Use superglue to stick all the MDF pieces together. 

The measurements of the sentry box are: 
Height from base to tip of roof 5 cm.
Height of door way from base to top of arch 3 cm.
Width and length 2.8 cm

Base for the Sentry box again its 3mm MDF.

Glued in place 

Cut strips of cardboard and glue them on with PVA overlapping the pieces.

Completed cardboard roof .

Drill a hole for the post of the gate

Drill a hole in the gate where it will be anchored to the post via a piece of brass wire as seen in the image below.

The two post that support the gate have a saw cut on top to accommodate the gate.

2 holes have been drilled these will accommodate a handle to be inserted later.
A piece of balsa wood has been cut into a block to simulate the weight that allows the gate to be raised which is glued in place.

Super glue is poured around the hole that will accommodate the post , this is done to strengthen the MDF.
As the post and gate will not be permanently fixed in place, I want it to remain in 2 pieces for transport purposes.

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Bend a brass rod into the shape of a handle and glue in place.
Prime with Black Undercoat.

Add a piece of MDF for a 'HALT sign'.
Paint with Vallejo Model colour Black Grey, White Grey and Flat Red.
Stains added with Nulin Oil, Agraxearthshade ink washes and some watered down Green paint.

Flock added.
Sentry box over a dirt rural road.

Over a copper-stone road.

Shultz transferred to Heer and on sentry duty. (one of Stoessis Heroes miniatures)

 You can buy one ready made at :
  Battlefront Accessories ,Check Point

Cheers John