Sunday, 6 October 2019

MOAB 2019

Another successful  Chain of Command event at MOAB here in Sydney, Australia has come to its conclusion with the Germans once again showing there resilience in defence of the 'Fatherland'.
The CoC event was run over 2 days during the Australian long weekend with 11 players participating on 5 gaming tables. The theme for the event was "Race to the Rhine" the Allies trying to  make headway into German territory.

The first day saw the Germans utilizing there Panzer Grenadiers, SS troops and the Volstrum units in defence trying to hold up the advancing Allies by securing strategic positions. 
The second day saw the Allies consisting of  Late War British Infantry, US Armoured, Polish Paras and Brits Paras as defenders trying to hold off counter attacks by the Germans. 

The results:
Day 1: Germans as defenders,where successful in securing most of their strategic aims and even blowing up 2 bridges over the Rhine. Allies as attackers did not fair well in face of the stiff German resistance .

Day 2: Allies as defenders had to fight off  relentless German counter attacks,they did a great job in grinding down and stopping the attackers in their tracks.

However at the events end, the Germans managed to secure 32 points to the Allies 24 to be victorious and for now stop the Allies crossing the Rhine.

The players enjoyed gaming and  participating at the event with a few cries of laughter and sorrow but all in good fun.
As a TO and umpire I also learnt a lot about the game.
We also had quite a lot of visitors coming into our room showing  great interest in the rules and the game.

MOAB 2019

The players from left to right Lee,Robert Chris, Richard (is hiding behind Chris), Kevin,Rowan,Greg,Dare,Steve,Greg and me in the middle in the black T-shirt (Kyle missing from the photo).

I have posted a lot of images  

The games begin, the bridge table, Kyle fielding his SS Demo team to plant the explosives on the bridge while the platoon gives them covering support. Steve using a US Armoured Platoon needs to stop this and capture the bridge intact. 

A Hasty defence scenario from the Early war handbook is in play, Robert needs to defend with his Voltsturm aganist Greg's paras.

Rowan with his German Grenadiers is up against Richard with his US Armoured infantry they both need to take and secure the bridge and capture the opponents JOPs.

Kyle's SS troops covering the Demo team setting the charges for the bridge.

Richard's US Armoured infantry deploying 

Greg's Brits advancing in the wheat fields after making contact with the Tiger tank that triggered a Random event with the gunner of the tank momentarily regaining consciences from his wounds to pull the tigger on the MG firing 6D6 on the British before passing away. 
Lucky for Greg he only suffered 2 points of Shock.

Lee and Dare sportsmanship on show on the woods field.

Kyle celebrates successfully blowing the bridge.

The commander of the US Armoured Infantry Steve, is not as ecstatic as Kylie  with the performance of his troops (better luck next time Steve).

Second game.
New to CoC Robert (with 2 games under his belt prior to attending),is getting a bit of help from Kyle's dad on the forest table.

Hive of activity in the gaming room.

Forest field

A plus for us, gaming in our own room away from the larger open rooms and hall was the decreased noise level. 

Hardy prized meal for the victors of this field.

Another German player, Lee celebrates another successful planting of explosives and detonation to bring about the destruction of the bridge over the Rhine.

Rowan's Stug moving to flank the Brits.

Close Combat about to happen between Greg's British Paras and Rowan's Germans, here Greg's SMGs come into play.

Lee's Germans waiting on a opportunity to seize  the objective.

Greg contemplating his next move

and moves a unit.

or 2

Steve deploys 2 Bazooka team to tackle Rowan's Stug with no luck.

Robert's Voltstrum on the attack.

Every Germans pet hate about the British the 2"mortar.

Chris's Grenadiers move toward the tank. 

Dare's Polish paras move to counter the aggressive Germans.

Dare calls up a Vickers and 6 pounder for support as a Panzer IV appears.

Chris's Grenadiers try to out flank the Germans. 

more action in the town.

Voltstrum moving towards the smaller bridge 

Para also move in to counter the Voltstrum move.


A guest very keen on starting CoC gaming sits in on Richards and Chris's game.

Finally like to thank Kym  and his team from the Sutherland gaming Club  for organising and running MOAB  and for his help and support given to the TO.

For Darryl who provided some 3D printed vehicles for us.

Thanks to Richard Naco for his generosity in supplying  troops to some of the new players and his keenness in promoting CoC at his club. 

Thanks to Steve for play testing the scenarios for each table and his help along with Dare in setting and packing  the tables.

Big thanks to  War and Peace Games for supporting the Chain of Command event.

Thanks TFL for their support and for such great gaming rules.

Looking forward now God willing, to CANCON 2020 
"The Blitzkrieg  Strikes"in Canberra, Australia. 

Cheers John


  1. Looks like a fantastic event well done

  2. Always brilliant John...always. The standard of terrian and figures is sensational and the fun everyone is obviously having is terrific. You do such a great job promoting CoC around the globe so old chap, "bloody well done"!

    1. Thank you Carlo for your comments
      cheers John

  3. Looks and sounds great - thanks for posting

  4. Terrific looking tables, a job well done and I second the statement re promotion of CoC!

  5. Absolutely marvellous! Really inspirational boards, great to see.

  6. Why not publish a book of the scenarios after each con? Sell them to help support your efforts. I would certainly buy every one of them!

    1. Thank you Dick for your comments, no sure how that would work due to copyright for the Lardies,
      cheers John

    2. The scenarios are your design, not that of the TFL! You are not publishing anything of theirs! I could write a mini-campaign and as long as I didn't publish any details of their rules (reviews often publish too much) you are OK. That advice comes from my publishing The Courier for over 30 years! If in doubt - e-mail a request to them, I'm sure they will approve as by every BLOG article and every game you put on, you are GIVING them invaluable free advertising!

  7. Great looking terrain and figures and everyone looks like they're having a great time!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain for your comments
      cheers John

  8. Absolutely brilliant looking tables and games! Looks like great fun was had!
    You have to do a tutorial on those 'teddy fur' gaming mats, they just look too nice (please ;) )!

    1. Thanks Mark for your comments yes I should make something on the teddy fur
      cheers John

    2. Agreed. Yes please John!

  9. Stunning tables; excellent looking games, it looks like a great event. It's times like these I wish I was in Sydney (I live in Adelaide) but I will have to make the trip over one day. Great stuff, John.

    1. Thanks Kym for your comments and yes come over to Sydney
      cheers John

  10. Looks like it was a great event: your tables are simply superb, some of the best I've seen anywhere.


    1. Thank you Chevalier de la Terre for your comments
      cheers John

  11. Can't praise John's work enough - the man should be an Aussie National Treasure. Just an amazing talent in terrain making and event organisation.