Sunday, 12 April 2020


While searching on the web I stumbled onto the  eBob Miniatures site and discovered their 28mm Mini Paintball game. 

As a keen Paintballer, in my younger years, I owned my own Paintball gun and gear, playing on a regular basis.
Now in my older years the idea of playing Paintball without the blood, sweat and tears was very appealing so I ordered the figures and downloaded the free rules.

The game is not meant to be a complex game but a very simple, quick and fun game.   

Assembled and painted figures.

The game is played between two teams made up of 6 figures each and 2 Marshals.

The figures are supplied with Hexon plastic bases, first step is to remove any flash, glue them on the bases,add a layer of Milliput putty to the base and prime with a can of black primer.

Starting the painting process.

The red team.
Close up shots of the red team, I tried to paint at least one idem of clothing or gear in the teams colours.
Three sides of the Hexagon base are also coated with the teams colour, these serve as indicators for the figures LOS.
I also painted the clothing of all the figures from both teams in different colours for a bit of variety and interest.

The blue team.

Once all the figures were painted I added the flock.

The two Marshals.

The rules are free and can be downloaded from this link: Mini Paintball game.

The rules also include this terrain Hex, which can be printed onto a A4 sheet of paper,cut out and used as the game base, you will need tho print out 5 sheets.
The figures were delivered late in the year, I managed to print out the terrain Hexes, assemble the figures and only got to the priming stage before leaving on our family Christmas holiday up the coast of New South Wales here in Australia.
I decided to take it with us on our holiday along with the other board games we struggle to fit into the boot of the car .The image is at the holiday unit.
Game set up on the dinning table, reading up on the rules and later started playing with my young adult kids and nephews. 
Apart from swimming and fishing, I also managed to sneak in a game on the beach ( I think I may have a addiction problem)

On returning home I completed painting the figures and based the terrain Hex on plastic card with PVA glue.

Once the PVA glue dried, I used box cutters to carefully cut out 4 sheets of Hex sheets with 5 grouped Hexes and 2 single hexes, the two single hexes are the home bases for each team. 
The game set up at home ready to take advantage of the current stay home restrictions playing with my young adult son.

The blue team in their starting positions near their flag.

Cheers John 


  1. Great stuff, I will have to check out the game.

    1. Thanks Kym for your comments.
      cheers John

  2. An unusual topic but brilliantly executed as we came to expect from you! My favourite is definitely the chap in camouflage tunic from the red team.

    1. Thanks Nick, yes it a bit of the collar topic, I enjoyed painting up something different.
      cheers John

  3. Very nice sculpts John, beautifully painted.

  4. G'Day John, love your blog especially the modelling tips. I wan't to ask you a few questions, would you mind establishing comms on cheers Greg

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for your comments
      have sent you a email
      cheers John