Friday, 1 April 2016


User friendly items for painting and modelling of 28mm miniatures.

In preparation for painting my miniatures, I used to glue  my vehicles and figures onto large nails and placed them on a sheet of polystyrene. When it came to painting/modelling them I would  place them into a cork, from a wine bottle, which was used to both hold the model steady and acted as a platform  for handling the model.(you can view the cork in the background in the last two photos in this section)

While modelling and painting my 28mm, I sort to make life easier by constructing a Magnetic model holder: 
holder for vehicles

holder for figures

I use both 22mm and 15 mm washers.
According to the vehicle type I will use a appropriate washer: with heavy resin models, I tend to use the larger washers while using the smaller washers for  turrets and light plastic kits
Super glue washer to base of vehicle
washers glued in place on the base of vehicle and turret
The holders are made from plastic conduit.Washers 2 x 22 mm and 1 x 15mm are glued in place at one end. 3 mm x 1 mm earth magnets are glued on the washers.
length of holders  9 cm and 4 cm 

The magnets were purchased for $7.95 for 100 with free shipping from:
If you what to increase the holding power of the magnets you can double up on the magnets or just purchase thicker magnets. 

holding a vehicle in place, once the painting is complete the washer can be left on the base of the vehicle for future touch ups or easily removed by levering it off with a sharp instruments
holding a turret in place
I use magnetic bases for my figures 

Have you experienced the horror of bumping a games workshop wash bottle (which I think was purposely designed to be knocked over) and spilling it over your working table "its not a pleasant site'. this happened to me 3 times before I decided to rectify this with the constructing of a stable holder. I used plaster of paris to mould my holder.

  1. This was done by mixing  plaster of paris into a thick mix (like dough) 
  2. place the lump on a bench top and make sure its 3/4 the height of the wash bottle, you may need to build it up
  3. carefully place the wash bottle into the lump of plaster from the top and carefully push it into the mix allowing for sufficient  thickness of plaster on the base.
  4. build up the plaster around the sides of the pod till 3/4 of height
  5. As it shows signs of  setting, start slowly and carefully twisting the bottle while at the same time  lifting the pod out of the plaster till its free.
  6. As the plastic continues to set, start carefully trimming  and shaping the plaster holder into the desired shape with a sharp knife.
  7. set aside and allow to cure.
  8. It can also be sanded for a smoother finish and there to have one wash pod holder.  


  1. Good tips John!
    The mag holders are very good. In fact while mag-basing my figures I did wonder about basing the figure before painting (as done by Sidney on the Roundwoods World blog), then painting so as to use the mag to hold it on to something. So your suggestion is very timely indeed!

    1. Good to heard Matt I could help.