Thursday, 21 April 2016


The twin Universal carriers are my next addition to the British Support List.
They come as plastic kits  from Warlord Games, are easy to assemble and come complete with 4 crew per vehicle.
I replaced the heads of the crew with ones from Warlord  British infantry to make them blend in better with the rest of my Brits.
I added:

  • Rifle rack with 2 Lee Endfields
  • back packs slung on the sides 
  • a chain on the front of one vehicles
  • bullet holes on the vehicle exterior
  • 2"/PIAT Mortar round container
  • Bren spare part pack

To give the vehicle flexibility in set up, I have enlisted the help of  tiny earth magnets to provide some modifications.
  • The ability to remove all the crew to represent them disembarked or represent crew casualties.
  • ability to remove both 2 AA Bren guns,PIAT and 2 inch mortar.

Same Carriers without crew,AA Brens,PIAT or 2 inch mortar.
Magnetized crew and weapons.
One of the crew supplied, with the kit has been replaced with a standing figure from my plastic Brit Infantry.His arms and body have been modified to fit the vehicle. 
He represents the Junior Leader.
Crew in position 
View of magnets:

  • inserted into the chassis of the vehicle 
  • inserted into the base of figures

This was achieved with the help of a hobby hand drill and super glued into position.


  1. keep the polarity of the magnets the same for weapons on both vehicles.
  2. match the 4 crew of one vehicle with the same polarity while matching the other 4 crew from the other vehicle with a different polarity.
This will ensure that the correct crew will be able to be matched with their vehicle while allowing any weapon type to access any vehicle.
Carriers assembled,magnets sealed with Green stuff and Matt Black enamel undercoat applied.
Magnets where glued to the base of the weapons and reinforced with Green stuff.

Showing placement of weapons.

Please note the AA Brens should be mounted on the left side. I modeled the rifle rack first and glued in place only to later realized I had insufficient space to  mount the AA Bren on the left.

Off to the gaming table.


  1. Nice work John. What are the magnets in the cam net on the back for?

    1. Thanks Andy,your got a keen eye for spotting them,It's a future project I am currently working out, not sure if it will work but if so I will post details.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Very fine modelling and painting indeed.

    1. Thanks Matt for your comment :-)
      cheers and enjoy the Queen's birthday.

  3. John, your painting and modelling work is always at the highest standard and you have great ideas and a good feel for conversion work. 10/10.
    Where do you get the magnets from?

    1. Thanks Pat for your comments, I found the magnets sold at regular gaming stores too expensive.After searching on ebay, I found this site here in Australia which gives value for money and free postage I think even to the UK.
      They are called Back To Base:
      Here is the ebay site:

      The size of magnet I am currently using is 3 mm x 1 mm and I purchased 200 of them for AUD $13.95 (Pound 7.42) with free shipping.
      Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks for the info John, I will give them a try.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Glasgow Warhog for you comment
      cheers John

  5. Can you do a tutorial on how you paint your AFVs? I have a bunch of support that needs to get painted but afraid to start cuz I don't no what I'm doing lol and don't to mess it up beyond fixing

    1. Hi Ricky,
      I have started on a tutorial based on the Sherman tanks I started a long time ago but been put on the back burner with so many projects popping up, at the moment my time has been consumed with organizing a Chain of Command tournament sequestered for the end of this month. Are you on Facebook? so I can send you a PM?

  6. Yes sir I am , my name is Ricky Bryant , bro Brockton ma . USA .. that's what I'm painting my troops for as well,is chain of command .. we're playing in 20s but I never liked the smaller scale so I started in 28s I sent a platoon of brits to be painted an I'm not really happy with them but there not That bad . I'm painting the Germans my self .. I'm almost there but with the base force but still ALOT OF SUPPORT to paint an assemble.. I have a blog it's called making history with the 28s that I've painted along with some AARs and terrain making guides .. if you wanted to check it out .. I'm getting better with painting but I'm still not happy with them ... I'm a bit of a perfectionist and when I think, wow I'm happy with these I see other people's figures and want to just throw mine away and start over lol so any tips would be great and highly appreciated! I lokbe foeard to hearing from you !

    1. There's a typo I didn't mean to say {bro*} I accidentally must of started typing Brockton twice but didn't notice lol