Tuesday, 23 February 2016


17 Pounder Anti Tank Gun 28mm

The 17 pounder is the next addition  to my Late war British Support List.
Again its from warlord games,the gun came with metal figures, 4 crew members and one Senior Leader so I only needed to make up one addition crew member from the plastic British Infantry box.
Currently working on Bren Carriers, Half track and light Infantry support weapons hope to finish them soon.

Coated with black enamel paint
Once the gun was painted I glued the gunner into place on the gun. 
Rest of the crew with the Senior Leader in the middle( the first figure is the plastic conversion). 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


6 pounder Anti tank Gun 28mm

Next on the Support List for the Brits is a 'Bot action" 6 pounder with 5 crew and one Senior Leader. 
The gun came with three metal crew members and again, I supplemented the crew with an additional 3 plastic conversions from the plastic British Infantry. 
I experimented a bit with the addition of a camo mesh partially covering the front of the gun.
Next paint job, 17 pounder.

Undercoated with Black enamel paint
Painting done, the firer is super glued to the base
Rest of the crew with a Junior Leader, the first and the last two guys are the plastic figures I converted.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Vickers Machine Gun  28mm

Continuing working on my Support Troops for my yet to be painted British Platoon, this being a Vickers Machine Gun, with 5 crew members and 1 Junior Leader. 
I converted 3 infantry figure to make up the balance of the crew. 
I also replaced the metal heads on the gunner,loader and the guy with the ammo pack with heads from plastic British Infantry so that they blend in better.

(note : thanks to all the guys who reminded me that the MMG team does not need a Junior Leader in Chain of Command  game)

After taking the photos I did notice that the  metallic brass paint on the bullets seems to faded away with the application of gloss vanish, which needed to be touched up, In the  future I think I will apply the metallic paint after the completion of the varnish stage. 

5 crew members + 1 Junior Leader

Friday, 5 February 2016


                               British Engineers 28mm

Part 2

Finally finished painting my British Engineers, its the first time I've painted 28 mm miniatures and its been a big learning curve for me, working out what paints to use and how to apply them. After a number of attempts at painting I finally ended up with the following results.


  1. Cut a suitable length of brass wire. 
  2. Drill a hole into the front of flame thrower gun, allow sufficient deep to anchor the brass wire.
  3. Place super glue into the drilled hole and insert the wire.
  4. Paint  figure
  5. Use any type of polystyrene  fiber (pillow filler, aquarium filler cotton etc) for the flame.
  6. Cut small pieces of fiber and use the super glue to fix onto the wire, do this step until the wire is covered with fiber.
  7. Apply small amounts of super glue  over parts of the fiber, using a carving instrument dabbed in water to start push and pull the fiber into the  desired shape, I used  a photo as a reference for shaping the flame.
  8. Allow to dry, you can further shape the fiber by using scissors or any cutting instrument.
  9. If you are happy with the desired shape apply super glue over all the fiber to seal it and allow to dry.
  10. Paint the flame using the colors in the picture, the flame sequence is white to yellow to orange to red and black. This stage was done over a couple of days, hint: it helps to blend the paints while they are still wet . 
  11. Seal with a matt varnish.