Tuesday, 24 March 2020


Continuing with more scatter terrain, this time I put together and painted a MDF tombstone kit.
This kit was  generously donated by Viv from  Knights of Dice, one of the sponsors of the Chain of Command event  at Cancon. 

BEF troopers making their way thru a French grave yard at the back of a church.

Completed tombstones 

Here is the Knights of Dice kit, just starting to remove the tombstones and bases from the frame.

There are plenty of tombstones and different bases to mount the tombstones on.

I made a number of bases from scarp MDF sheet that I had left over from another kit.

I also used pieces from these scrap kits  to add a few boarders  and slabs, in front of the tombstones.
Glued in place with PVA glue.
Basing them on small bases makes for easy placement on the gaming table.

Using a hand motor I etched  cracks on the tombstones.

I decided to apply a thin layer of Vallejo black primer with a brush  to preserve the lazer etching on the tombstones.

Flat Earth Vallejo model colour paint was used to paint the base.

The tombstones base coat is Vallejo Game colour Stonewall Grey, and highlighted with VMC white grey, VMC offwhite and a few tiny touches of Ivory.

Flocked with Woodland scenic Earthblend and some green flock. 

Close up image showing how the thin layer of paint allows the etching to show thru.

I also added a bit of green mould in random places on the tombstones. 

Tried to simulate a shot of the troops moving thru the grave yard at dusk.

cheers John

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Another  addition to my Late war Germans , a Hetzer in 28mm scale from Rubicon. This kit has been sitting in my store room for a long time, I finally put it together and painted it. I also  put together a quick painting tutorial. 

Completed vehicle

First step after putting the kit together was to add a primer and some fine pumice glued in place with PVA glue,( I usually put this on before priming but I forgot) around the lower portion of the vehicle. 
Painted the base coat with Vallejo model colour paints.

Added a thin layer of Agrax Earthshade wash.

Used the base coat again with a worn down brush and added it to the panels similar to previous method described in my previous posts on painting  Shermans and Late war German vehicles. ( this brush is a bit too worn out, better to use one that has more longer hair)

Added the green camo using VMC Reflective green.

Continued with more camo using VMC Mahogany Brown. 
Lighten both the base coat,green and brown camo by highlighting the middle portion of the base coat and camo by adding a bit of VMC Ivory to  lighten each of the base colours. 

Added the spots with VMC Middlestone and Mahogany using a fine point brush.

Paint all the metal parts with VMC Black Grey.

Applied a wash on the  tracks with a watered down wash of VMC Beige brown and highlighted in some areas with the Beige brown.

Painted the tanker,tools,MG,tracks and exhaust, highlighted some of the edges of the vehicle panels that are coated with the base coat with a mix of VMC Middlestone and Ivory.
Added streak marks with a thin wash of Agrax Earthshade.
Added some metal highlight on the tracks and tools.   

The tanker's head is a conversion of one of my Warlord games plastic Germans, I  modeled ear phones with Green stuff putty and glued him in place with his head just poking out of the hatch.
 Finally touches, painted the German emblem and added number decal.

Cheers John

Friday, 13 March 2020


 Since I missed this years CANCON due to last minute  family crisis, I thought I would set up one of the tables that I had put together for the event and played thru the scenario with my gaming buddy Steve.
Its not a exhorting AAR but just a brief outline of the game.
The scenario is basically trying to portray scattered retreating British teams trying to gather around specific rallying points represented by the two JOPs in the woods and trying to hold and or exit off the bridge, while the Germans are trying to capture the bridge and cut off the British retreat.

The table has a series of ploughed fields along two sides of the table with small hedges lining and dividing them.
The area with trees are woods with a cobblestone road running thru the middle.
The road is littered with damaged and broken down vehicles and other debris which breaks up LOS down the road and provides some cover.  

 Each British team will be deployed in base contact  with the designated JOP (marked in Blue) for that section on a 1,2,3 by the Command dice. 
Once the whole section has gathered together they maybe activated to move or fire.
The objective for the British is to either deny the Germans access to the Bridge and  retire as many of their troops off the bridge across the canal within the 3 hour time slot. 

The Germans have gathered a hastily put together force of troops trying to take the Bridge thus cutting off the path of the retreating  British and trapping as many British troops on this side of the Bridge. 
The red dots are possible landing sites for the German gliders which have to be diced for to see where the gliders land.
The civilians start the game on the far end of the bridge and on each German turn 2D6 are rolled for their movement towards the bridge , hoping to escape the carnage and possibly reward the British with a increase in their Force Morale using a D6.
The Germans have rolled to establish the random landing points for their gliders.
One glider has landed in the small ploughed fields closer to the bridge while glider 1 and 3 have safely landed on the same ploughed field, unfortunately glider 4 has collided with glider #4.  
The troopers deploy next to their gliders and roll for possible shock, The Rifle team only receives one point of Shock while the LMG team receives 6 points of Shock.

The other gliders have a similar outcome with the LMG teams suffering a greater number of Shock but no Kill results on the crashed glider.
Brits get a Senior Leader and whole section on JOP 1
A rifle team with Junior Leader arrives at rally point 2

Another rifle team with Junior leader arrives at rally point 3 so the Brits are slowly assembly their sections.
The Germans are keen to get going but first they need to reduce some of the Shock they have accumulated.

And manage to slowly move.
As the game progresses the British section at railing point 2 manage to deploy a full section and a Senior Leader and initiate Close Combat against the single Germans section that is desperatly trying to rally off Shock.
They do manage to eliminate the German rifle section but unfortunately suffer a number of casualties and  are forced to retreat suffering more Shock that PINs them.
Further German fire knocks down the Junior Leader but the Medic is attending him.

The Germans on the far side, start to decrease their Shock and start moving towards the bridge.

Activated by the German Senior Leader the troops are on the move.
As the civilians are slowly moving towards the bridge, the British section from rally point 2 decide to move onto the road to deter the Germans getting too close to the civilians. The Germans can be seen stopping short of the road. 

The Germans decide to move parallel with the road  and retain their hidden status to outflank the Brits next to the truck. 
The British Section that initiated Close Combat has been taking fire from the German LMG team in the woods and the German light mortar piling on the Shock til they Break to the edge of the canal .

The civilians are making good progress towards the Bridge.
On seeing the 2 German sections move to outflank them the  British section behind the truck on the road decide to move to engage the lone German LMG team in the woods to their right. Unfortunately they rolled too high on the dice and bumped into them initiating Close Combat .
The German LMG team was eliminated together with their Leader but they too suffered some casualties and Shock.
The British section on the bridge is placed on overwatch anticipating a German assault of the Bridge very soon.
The British section is joined by a Morris Armoured car making it way up towards them. 

One German section has moved from the woods to take up the abandoned British position at the truck on the road.
The other German section has moved into LOS of the British on the bridge and triggered overwatch , unfortunately the fire was not as accurate.
I fiece fire fight erupted during the next couple of Phases with both sides Force morale lowering the Germans down to FM of 5 while the Brits down to FM of 4 .
The civilians manged to escape safely however their were not that accommodating with the help from the British  as the D6 roll for the Brits did not result in a boost to their force morale.
The battle continued until a Chain of Command Dice was used to end the game turn resulting in a British Leader routing and rolling badly on the BTH roll.
The result a German victory the British troops surrendering a few troopers managing to hop onto the fleeing Morris and escape capture. 

A entertaining and challenging game, I was a bit rusty with some of the rules as I had not played for a while and need to clarify some points to make for a smoother game next time. 

Cheers John

Tuesday, 10 March 2020


Farm animals to add a bit of character and interest on the gaming table.
They are made by  Pegasus in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale, these ones are 1/48 scale.


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Cheers John