Thursday, 29 April 2021


While in the process of sealing and applying flock to my WW 2 Japanese figures, I embarked on finishing off more French Indian war figures, these being Rogers' Rangers.

These  28mm figures are from Brigade games first FIW Kickstarter "This very ground". 

Lovely, well defined sculptured figures by Paul Hicks; a pleasure to paint.

The base colour for the Green uniform is Vallejo Model colour Luftwaffe cam Green.

I also purchased Regular British Infantry from the same Kickstarter which are waiting  on the lead pile, hopefully I will be able to start work on them in the near future. 

Cheers John 

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Japanese Type 92 70mm Infantry gun - part 1

Pausing FIW projects for the moment by resuming  painting   my Japanese Platoon and finishing off this scratch build of a  Japanese 70mm Type 92 Infantry gun with crew. 

The plastic 28mm figures are from Warlord games and have undergone  some conversions to adjust their poses to suit, as gun crew.

My third lot of Japanese on the painting rack
The Infantry gun with one crew man secured to the base

Assembling the gun with odd bits and pieces and its based on a thin metal sheet.
Scratch building the wheels out of Perry plastic bases.
As with my Japanese Anti tank gun crew I have placed magnets under 2 of the figures for them to be removed as casualties.
Image with the 2 crew with magnets under their feet secured in place on the gun.
The rest of the crew with the Junior Leader in the middle. 
The Junior Leader directing the guns fire.


Tuesday, 2 March 2021

FRONTIERSMEN - Coureurs de Bois 28mm

I managed to utilise some leftover miniatures, 4 figures from my Warlord games French Marines and 2 Rangers from my BrigadeGames Kickstarter  to create these Frontiersmen, also known as Coureurs de Bois. 

Apart from painting them in different colours, I modelled  beards to all the figures  with Green Stuff putty and with the help of a pair of pliers reshaped some of the hats. 

These figures are from Warlord games 
These two figures are from the BrigadeGames Kickstarter.


Saturday, 27 February 2021


Finally finished my French Marines for French Indian Wars, they are Conquest Miniatures available from Warlord games, lovely models to paint.

Marines moving into position to engage British troops.
The figure on the right came with his right hand up in the air, since I had 2 of the same figures I decided to cut it off and reposition it over his musket with the help of some Green stuff putty to remodel his hand.
These two figure will be used as Leaders.
I decide to paint half on the Marines in a blue clothing  and the other half in a white and had a bit of variety in the colouring of their caps.