Friday, 14 June 2019

BEF platoon 28mm

My BEF platoon is ready for CANCON 2020.
Having completed the platoon so early in the year will help  with play testing the scenarios which will be prepared for the  event .

The figures are metal, except for a couple which are late war Brits converted to early war to make up a short fall in the number of figures.

All the figures are from  Warlord games and they have all been well feed with Pot roast lamb and mash potatoes to plump them out into a Heroic pose
They are nice figures to work on, the sculpts are well  defined which does help immensely with painting.

My BEF platoon with a extra section at the ready to be placed in the support list.

Two Senior Leaders on Hex bases.
The leader on the right, had a modification done to his right arm, his pointed finger was removed and his arm was cut at the elbow and positioned to differentiate him from the Junior Leaders. 

Three of the Four Junior leaders on square bases. 

Infantry on round bases.

One of 3 Prone Bren teams in my Platoon.


Standing Bren team, I only manage to secure one.

To make up the 3rd man in the team I used a late war British plastic added a pouch to house the gas mask over his chest and removed the entrenchment tools on his back around his waist. I also selected a mustache for him to give him the veteran look from WW 1.

By the way if you are wondering what that brownish short sleeve is doing on the middle figures arm, its actually a chemical warfare indicator.

This image shows the figures in bare metal, I added the gun straps to all the figures using Milliput, a little detail which does make a difference to the figures appearance.
Figures primed black and the start of the painting process is underway, I always start with the flesh bits.

(seems I get a better image when take pictures of single figures with my cheap camera)
The Uniform and webbing etc are painted and ready to more onto the helmet, rifle, boots and base.
The base colours I used are:
Uniform: Vallejo model colour English uniform
Webbing,pouches straps,gaiter: Vallejo Model colour Russian uniform.
Boots: VMC black grey
Canteen: VMC Beige brown
Rifle:  VMC Mahogany 
Helmet: VMC 896
To highlight the basic colours,I mixed in VMC Iquai sand in increasing  portions.  

My homemade figure holding rack  with the painting process underway, I tend to paint 14 figures at a time.
With the painting complete the addition of tuffs and flock is added to the base. I make my own tuffs follow this link; Static grass applicator

cheers John 

Friday, 24 May 2019


More Support options for my BEF, Bren carriers.
Due to the lack of 28mm early war Bren carrier models out there in the wargaming market, I decide to converted two Universal carriers from Warlord games to resemble those of early war ones used by the BEF. 
These plastic kits proved ideal for the task of conversion and I have included, step by step instructions on the conversion method.

Bren carriers stopping to chat with a Medic and crew of a 2 pounder in the ruins of a Belgium village.

First step is to assemble and glue in place up to the follow as shown in the image leaving the back section of the carrier unglued.

Image shows the back section put in place but not glued.

The driver was glued in placed but the passenger has a small earth magnet glued to the base of the carrier.

A small piece of metal is fixed on the underside of the figure.
Remove the back section of the bren carrier and place it aside for the time being.
Use a hobby knife to cut out the grill area as shown.

Continuing to use the hobby knife make a diagonal cut removing a portion of the side plate of the vehicle.

Trim off the top of the side panel till it appears as per image below.

Now turning your attention to the other side of the vehicle.

Make two cuts as shown and remove the side panel.

The side panel has been removed and  tidy up the cut.

This is where you should be at, at this point.

Grab the rear panel of the carrier.
Using the hobby knife cut out the top portion of the rear panel as shown.

Discard the top portion of the rear panel of the vehicle but glue in make the bottom portion of the rear panel as shown.

Measure the cavity dimensions and cut out a piece of  Evergreen plastic styrene sheet to fit and glue in place as shown below.
Turn the vehicle around towards the rear, now we will make a rear hatch door for the trooper who will be in this compartment.
Measurement and cut out another piece of Evergreen styrene plastic, scribe a line in the middle of the panel.
Cut out four small squares and glue in place, these will be the hinges that allow the hatch to open and close.
Next step is to go back into your kit locate the piece that needs to be glued in the rear portion of the vehicle as shown. 
Cut two small portion of plastic and glue them in place between the engine housing and the piece that you just glued to the rear of the vehicle.
Measure and cut two bits of plastic stryrene and glue in place in the lower portion of the engine housing to the rear piece as shown below. 
Flip the vehicle to the other side locate this piece from the plastic kit, which is a storage container, glue it in place.
I also made a tarp from Milliput and glued it down.
I located some round plastic sprue from another kit to carve out two fire extinguishers and glued them in place. 
I drilled a hole on the top of the engine bay and glued a tiny earth magnet in place, later I sealed it with a thin layer of green stuff putty.
The magnet will help attach the ATR in place.

I added a piece of fake jewelry chain to the front of the vehicle and this image shows the bren gun and other bits and pieces added, I also glued a piece of fake jewelry to the fronts of both vehicles.
The ATRs are from the Perry plastic 28mm 8th army set, I glued a tiny earth magnet to one side of both guns.

Finished Bren carrier.

I also had to cut off the heads of the figures supplied with the Universal carrier kit and replaced them with late war heads with helmets better suited for that period as opposed to the ones supplied in the kit which were late war helmets.
I also added the gas mask pouch using Milliput putty.

I decide to fix in place both Bren guns.

The ATR is placed on top of the engine bay.
My reasoning is if I decide to arm the carrier with only a Bren gun I would remove the ATR and visa versa if I wanted to field it with the ATR as the main armament I would keep the ATR in place , this would let me know it was only armed with ATR.

Since the driver always stays with the vehicle, he is glued in place while the other figures can be removed, to indicate them disembarked or become causalities.

The two figures that are seated at the rear of the vehicle have a small piece of metal glue to the base of their shoes and a hole as been drilled on the floor of the rear compartment to house a tiny earth magnet, this keeps these guys in place.

Cheers John