Friday 31 December 2021


Happy new year all.

Having completed Two Train Stations, scatter terrain for a train station and  a Train Engine with coal storage carriage, it was obvious the next project was going to be  "Train Tracks".

I decide to make good use of the Plastic Infantry Sprues I had acuminated in my garage over the years to make my Scratch built train tracks. 

If you are keen to make your own I have included  step by step guide.

Train station somewhere in France secured by BEF troops for a tactical retreat.

Aerial view of the station.

All my completed tracks more that enough for a 6 x 4 foot gaming table.
To start the project prepare 3mm MDF cut into strips of 18.5cm x 5.5cm.

Measure 5mm in form the edge of the MDF and pencil in a line running both lengths of the MDF strip.
Use a file to chamfer the MDR from the pencil line to the edge, this will help blend the MDF into the gaming table.
Prep match sticks into 4cm lengths
Apply PVA glue at approximately 7mm apart.
Push the matches into the PVA glue.
Set aside to cure.
Grab your plastic sprues
Use model clippers to cut thru the plastic sprues. 
Select the longer pieces to remove.
Remove any extruding piece of plastic with the hobby clippers and hobby knife.
Plastic sprue without lugs.
Create a channel in the middle of the plastic sprue with either a disk or circular stone using a hobby hand motor.
Channel formed on both sides of the plastic sprues.
Place drops of super glue on top of the edges of the matches where the plastic sprues will be positioned and leave a slight overhang over the MDF on both edges.
(Note that the width of your train tracks will depend on the width on the trains wheels you intend to use for the tracks, mine are 3cm wide)
Allow the super glue to cure, note the over hang on both edges.
Flip the track over and trim off the excess plastic sprue inline with the MDF edge with sharp box cutters.
Once you have completed the first track, mark it as the master track, you will use the master track as a guide to line up the rest of the plastic sprue rail, as can be seen in the image above. The black based track has become the master track , the track on the right is the track in progress of lining up the tracks.
Optional step of scribing the matches with the point of a hobby knife or box cutters to create grain on the matches.
I referred to this image as a painting guide.
First painting step was to  prime them with black, with a good primer such as Rustoleum.
Painting stage starts using a brush.
Carefully wet brush the matches with Vallejo Model Colour Beige Brown leaving portions of the black primer showing thru.
Using the same painting technique highlighting with VMC Middlestone but leave some of the Beige Brown on the surface of the matches.
Paint the plastic sprues VMC Flat Brown.
Paint random areas along the sprue with  Vallejo Game Colour Carne Marron 
Further highlight with VMC Cavalry Brown to create rust areas 
Apply VMC Gunmental Grey on the top of tracks only .
Apply a generous thick layer of PVA glue with a brush on the MDF both on the edges and in-between the matches.
For the Ballast I used Woodland Scenic WS B89 Coarse Gray Ballast.
Apply a generous amount of Ballast and allow to set.
Once set, use your finger to remove any unwanted ballast from the matches, plastic rail, edges along the length of the track and especially on the edges that will bud up with other track pieces.
Apply random batches of PVA glue between the tracks and along the edges of the track.
Apply some areas with Woodland scenic Earth blend.
Apply Green flock to the outer edges.
Note: I have also made 6  tracks without any flock, these would be placed next to the Train Station.
I applied a black wash by thinning down black paint to create   thin random dark mark in the middle of the track.
Completed straight tracks.
I also created a number these redirecting tracks.
Sabotage track, great for Resistance scenario.
Curved track.
You can also cut up the tracks using a metal saw to suit a scenario and the gaming table.

Some of the scatter terrain near the station
More images of the scatter terrain for the station.
Some useful links to click on this blog :
Cheers John

Sunday 19 December 2021


New additions to my Japanese troops, 3 x HA-GO tanks, they a resin models from Warlord games  with  metal gun barrel. A interesting little vehicle with a unique camo paint design, for those of you interested in my chose of colours, I used Vallejo Model Colour Green Brown, Flat Brown and Reflective Green. (just a note: I have no idea how Japanese insignia work on there vehicles)

Troop of HA-GO tanks carefully negotiating a bridge over a  creek.

Resin model assembled, I also added some grit around the tracks, front and back of the vehicles.
Primed Black.
Finished vehicle 

Cheers John