Thursday 4 January 2024

DICE TOWER with built in silencer

I made a portable dice tower, with 5mm MDF equipped with a Perspex window to view the dice tumbling down the tower, unfortunately the lack of thickness of the wood resulted in  one very noisy dice tower. 

To combat this I made another dice tower but this time I purchased a thin rubber sheet from the 2 dollar store. Once more, I used 5mm MDF and cut out all the parts of the tower, then applied Gorilla glue onto all the inner surfaces of the dice tower that would be in contact with the dice and placed them on the rubber sheeting. 

Once the glue dried, I carefully cut out each piece of  the tower from the rubber material. I sprayed all  parts of the tower  black that were not lined with the rubber material with black spray can. 

Allowed a couple of days for the paint to dry, then carefully drilled pilot holes for the tiny screws, secured all the parts together first with glue and then added the screws. I drilled suitable holes on the underside of the tower to accommodate some small earth magnets and glued them in place, then aligned thin metal strips on the bottom plate of the tower to enable the tower to be used with or without the base.

Happy with the results of  the silenced tower.  

My completed new Dice tower with the internal rubber sheeting and removable base.

My first Dice tower without the internal rubber sheeting.

The new silenced Dice Tower with the internal rubber sheeting.

The benefit of the removal base is that once the dice are rolled the tower can be removed to reveal the results of the dice throw. 

The thin black rubber sheet I used for the tower.
The new portal tower next to the fixed tower (I built a long time ago) we used in my gaming room.
Cheers John

Monday 1 January 2024


Taking advantage of my holidays I am painting and modelling different items and periods for the hobby, here are my plastic 28mm Early Imperial Roman Cavalry from Victrix miniatures for INFAMY INFAMY, lovely plastic figures.  

It's my first time painting horses which I found a bit of a challenge but after doing a couple I managed to get into the swing. 

Cheers John