Saturday 11 May 2024

O GROUP Demo game

My gaming buddies Steve and Chris have been talking up O GROUP  for a while now, I was keen to see the game in action so they played the game while I followed on with  my PDF rules of the game.

They used my 10mm figures from Mini Figs and vehicles from Arrowhead miniatures that I had painted up many years ago before I was swept up by Chain of Command and moved up to 28mm minis.

I build the module desert Hex terrain  from scratch, many years ago in  preparation to play another set of rules which I never got around to playing. Anyway it was great to see how O GROUP played out and we are planning another demo game in two weeks.

The objective of the game was for the 8th army (Steve) to secure and hold the village from the  DAK forces (Chris) which they managed to achieve. The DAK forces reached their 3rd FUBAR token and game came to a end. 

Steve and Chris gaming.
The objective secure and hold the village.
As I have not based by 8th army and DAK figures we utilized some late war figures instead.
Crusader Platoon taking up a Hull position while engaging a platoon of Panzer III's. 
Crusaders managed to destroy one of the Panzer III.