Tuesday 15 November 2022

CANCON 2023- LARD DOWN UNDER - The Battle for Wau - Jungle Table

The second gaming table ready for Cancon 2023, for Len Tracey to host the Australians battling it out with the Japanese in the Battle for Wau. Once again all the terrain was scratched built by me, way back in 2018 for "Chain of Command a Pacific Odyssey" at Cancon 2019.  The only new item I have included is the burnt out Wirraway plane on the runway.

There is a mix of different terrain features on the table from, Primary and secondary jungle, Kunai grass, palm plantation  and home gardens.

I was going to purchase a 1:35 scale Wirraway plastic kit but the price put me off. As this was going to be a wreaked plane I opted  to make one from foam core cardboard and stuck the pieces together with a glue gun. 
Painted with Vallejo paints.
The Wirraway  on the runway, added a bit of white fluff to simulate it still smoldering.

Hope to post images of the battle once underway at Cancon 2023.
Cheers John

Thursday 10 November 2022

CANCON 2023 - LARD DOWN UNDER -The Battle of TAIERZHUANG gaming table.

The first gaming table ready for Cancon 2023 for Len Tracey, to host the Chinese vs Japanese battle of Taierzhuang on March 1938. All the terrain pieces including the gaming mat are scratched built by me and the scale is built for 28mm miniatures. 

Currently, I am putting together another table for Len's second game at Cancon, which is based in the Pacific with Australians battling out with Japanese.  

I started the build, using a rough sketch of the gaming table by Len,
I used foam board with a thin plastic outer skin and inner foam core.
Detail was scribed in with box cutter. 
I used a glue gun to secure the pieces together.
One side completed, view of the outer wall.
View of the inner wall with a 28mm figure for scale comparison.
The middle portion ready for the next stage.
Spaced on the table to calculate the amount of collapsed wall is need to be built between the intact walls.
Primed with black primer.
I used Students paints to paint the walls, here is a image of one portion of the collapsed wall undergoing construction.
To make the ruin building within the wall, I turned to foam board once more but the one with a paper outer layer with foam in the middle. I chose these materials as I had limited time and ease and speed of cutter and assembling them.
PVA glue is used to secure debris over the ruin buildings.
Once again used Students paints on a production line to paint the buildings.
View of the main gate and entry point to the city. 
Chinese troops have set up a road block behind the main gate.
Portion of the collapsed wall.
The mat underneath the ruins is just a old bed sheet that has been sprayed black and grey.
Close up image of the narrow streets.
View of the main gate from the Japanese troops perspective.
Hope to post images of the battles late in January 2023.
Cheers John 

Saturday 8 October 2022


 2022 saw the return of Chain of Command to MOAB gaming convention after a couple of years of non gaming. 10 players fought it out on 5 gaming table for 2 days followed by a big Chain of Command game on the third day.

The period battled, was Early War, seeing the German Blitzkrieg in action with the combined force of the French and BEF trying to hold back the Germans.

The French fielded one Motorized Infantry platoon and a Groupe Franc 'Trentaine' platoon while the  BEF fielded two 1940 Regulation platoons and a Motor Infantry platoon. The Germans fielded one 1st Wave Infantry platoon, two Motorcycle Reconnaissance platoons and two Schutzen Platoons from the 4th Panzer Division.

The Germans fought hard and were able to achieving most of their  objectives except for the Village table where the French and BEF had major victories.

The French and the BEF also had some inter rivalry fun going on, trying to out do each against the Germans. 😉 (with the BEF just easing ahead of the French) 

Big thanks to all the players and hope to see you all at MOAB 2023,God willing.


This is going to be a Photo Bomb post, starting with two images of one of the gaming areas at MOAB.

TABLE 1: canal table 

TABLE 2: The Roadblock



TABLE 5: VILLAGE, this was the table the French/BEF dominated against the Germans.


MOAB's Chain of Command Team
Front row left to right: Me, Owen, Damien, Rowan, Steve, Greg 
Back row from the left, Chris, Dare, Robert, Al Greg and
Barnaby Jones taking the photo.
Once again thank you all for a great 3 day gaming and social event.
Cheer John