Saturday 27 November 2021


My Initial  intention was to create  2 Japanese Riflemen in Spider holes however as they were quick and easy to make, I decided to make more for the dual purpose use, as an entrenched section.  

If you have been following my blog, you will have noted that I normally make my entrenched infantry figures to be able to be removed from their foxholes see the following links:

British Infantry entrenchment and German Infantry entrenchments.

Japanese troops in sniper holes, popping up after the Australian patrol passes by.
Completed spider holes/entrenchments.
As mentioned previously, my initial intention was only to make sniper holes, I wanted to make them as small as possible. 
First step in the construct was to cut down the Warlord games plastic torso a short distance from the arm pits, then attached the head ,arms and rifle/LMG/ammo mag. Next step, super glue the figure to the metal base and use liquid Green stuff to fill in any gaps.
I used Milliput to create the sniper hole, fist step,  roll a  a sausage shape piece ofMulliput and place it as close as possible to the figure, use a carving instrument toblend and cover the metal base, being carful to keep the hole effect around the body intact.
I also created rifle straps from the Milliput and set aside to dry and prime with can of Black primer.
Once the primer has set, paint the earth around the figure first then move onto painting the figures.
I am also in the process of making a Junior leader to join the section.

Add flock and they are ready for deployment, this shoot show how low profile they are.
Japanese Infantry section set up in entrenchments.

Cheers John 

Thursday 18 November 2021

SCRATCH BUILD FINISHED : USMC 37mm Anti-Tank Gun/ JAPANESE Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun / Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank gun/ Type 98 20mm AA gun

Here are the completed scratch built guns for the Japanese and US Marines, based on thin metal sheet, textured the base with Milliput, painted, flocked and the gunners glued in place on their respective guns. 

I also put together a full crew with a Junior Leader for the US Marine anti tank gun, while I only put together 7 crew members and 2 Junior Leaders for the Japanese, as I can utilise guns crews from my other Japanese crews I have already put together.

Japanese 47mm Anti tank gun lies in wait for the enemy 

Completed guns with the gunners in glued in place.
US Marines waiting to be painted, most of them have  some conversion done on  them.
These figures have magnets on the bottom to secure them to the base of the gun. 
Junior Leader with binoculars.
The scratch built before  
37mm Anti Tank Gun
The gun is fully manned by the crew and a Junior Leader.
3 of the crew have magnets on the bottom which secure the figures to the base of the gun.
As casualties occur they can be easily removed 

Lone gunner is the remaining figure  manning the gun, once he becomes a casualty the gun is removed from the gaming table.

The Japanese crew, the 2 on the left are Junior Leaders.
A bit of conversion work was done to transform the Japanese into gun crews.
Crew painted
Type 98 20mm AA gun
I only made one  specific crew member apart from the gunner for this gun.
Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun
Type 1 47mm Anti tank gun 

Cheers John