Friday 28 December 2018

Australian Sniper, Flamethrower, 2 Inch Mortar, Anit-Tank Rifle, FO and Medic in the PACIFIC 28mm

Here are some more Support teams for my Late war Australian in the Pacific.
I have used a mix of Perry 28mm plastic and metal figures with some conversion done to transform them into Aussies.

Spot the Aussie sniper in the jungle.
Completed figures.
Medic,Flamethrower and sniper, all are Perry 8th army plastic miniatures which have been converted to represent Australian troops in the Pacific.
To convert these plastics:
  1.  I first tapered off the bottom portion of the shorts with a hobby knife and applied Green stuff putty to convert them into long trousers.
  2. Trimmed off the plastic helmet and replaced some of the figures with the a metal Australian slouch hat, again available from Perry miniatures.
  3. The medic was a made by matching up 2 different body torso pieces.  
  • * The flamethrower was scratch build with plastic sprues, brass rod and Evergreen styrene pieces and whatever was lying around.
  • * The sniper's scope was added from the Late war British kit and a piece of  branch was used to represent the fallen trunk of a tree.

Medic, FO (metal figure) and sniper 

Anti-tank rifle team both figures are metal Perry figures.


2" mortar team, Perry metal figures 

Cheers John 

Tuesday 18 December 2018


This is the first of many Support options for my Late War Australian Platoon in the Pacific theater. 
The model is a 28mm, Warlord games resin model.
I used  my previous posted  tutorial for painting British vehicle as a guide to paint this model, using Vallejo Model colour 'Russian Uniform' for the overall colour of the vehicle.

 Matilda crossing a clearing in the jungle.

VMC 'Russian Uniform' was used for the base colour of the vehicle. 

I was not sure what colour to paint the tankers' beret, so I just made it black as the British tankers beret. 

The water line marker was painted using  Vallejo Game Color 'Carme Marron Tan' with a touch of brown added to darken it slightly .

The light colour pipping from the engine bay to the exhaust was painted using VMC white grey and coated with a wash of Nulin oil.

VMC Flat Earth was used for the mud effect.

Spare tracks where painted with VMC Black Grey and washed with VMC Cavalry Brown.

In order to field any version of the Matilda, (2 pounder,Close support or Flamethrower)

I  deepen the hole in the gun turret using a hand drill. and milled metal rods using my hand motor in the desired  shapes to simulate the different gun barrels.

Thanks to John 'Truscott Trotter' for pointing out the colour of the beret was  brown  and TasminP for pointing out my mistake with the insignia number.

This is the brush I used to apply the highlighting  coats on the panels of the tank after the initial base coat was applied, its just a cheap brush but does the job.

Cheers John