Tuesday, 18 December 2018


This is the first of many Support options for my Late War Australian Platoon in the Pacific theater. 
The model is a 28mm, Warlord games resin model.
I used  my previous posted  tutorial for painting British vehicle as a guide to paint this model, using Vallejo Model colour 'Russian Uniform' for the overall colour of the vehicle.

 Matilda crossing a clearing in the jungle.

VMC 'Russian Uniform' was used for the base colour of the vehicle. 

I was not sure what colour to paint the tankers' beret, so I just made it black as the British tankers beret. 

The water line marker was painted using  Vallejo Game Color 'Carme Marron Tan' with a touch of brown added to darken it slightly .

The light colour pipping from the engine bay to the exhaust was painted using VMC white grey and coated with a wash of Nulin oil.

VMC Flat Earth was used for the mud effect.

Spare tracks where painted with VMC Black Grey and washed with VMC Cavalry Brown.

In order to field any version of the Matilda, (2 pounder,Close support or Flamethrower)

I  deepen the hole in the gun turret using a hand drill. and milled metal rods using my hand motor in the desired  shapes to simulate the different gun barrels.

Thanks to John 'Truscott Trotter' for pointing out the colour of the beret was  brown  and TasminP for pointing out my mistake with the insignia number.

This is the brush I used to apply the highlighting  coats on the panels of the tank after the initial base coat was applied, its just a cheap brush but does the job.

Cheers John 


  1. Nicely done John. I was curious about the mat in the first photo. It does not look like the jungle terrain mat you did earlier in the year. Is it a shorn down teddy bear mat?


    1. Thanks John, The mat is actually a 12" x 12" clearing made from Teddy bear fur. I liked what you did with your jungle terrain, mounting them on square tiles, I did the same but on square pieces of fur. I like Len Tracey idea of portraying the jungle.
      cheers John

  2. Nicely done. I wish I had a mill (and the knowledge/skill to use one) - it would have saved me having to buy 3 Matildas to get one of each type.

    Just a quickie about the unit markings - 4 troop would be in A squadron which was a triangle rather than a square. I'm guessing from the yellow that you intend this for 2/4th Armoured Regiment - for the Bougainville campaign, perhaps?

    Another rivet-counter* note - all the Frog variants were in the 2/1st Armoured Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron (inverted white triangle).

    *kill me now - I've become one of those! ;)

    1. Beautiful John. Glad to see you posting again, now I can stop making water towers 8>D

    2. Thanks Dick, Ha ha...yes, glad to hear that, you must be up to 50 my now. :-)
      cheers John

    3. Thanks TamsinP, You know your stuff, as you have worked out I was not too sure what signage to place on the vehicle, I just looked up a couple of photos on the web, liked the square shape and 4 seemed a easy number to paint. Thanks for pointing that out to me , cheers John , out of curiosity, if I left the square what number should be in the box?

    4. If you are leaving it as a yellow square, the troop numbers for B Sqn would be 6-10, plus the HQ which would be blank. For B Sqn, if you want to add names and hull numbers, 7 Troop had Beauvite II hull 72754 which should be easy to paint; 9 troop had Brassiere hull 19021.

      I actually made a boo-boo myself when painting my Frog and had to redo the unit markings on that (I'd originally done it as HQ Sqn of 1st Australian Tank Battalion, based on a misreading of a reference for the Borneo campaign).

    5. Thanks for the advice TamsinP, will make the modification.
      cheers John

  3. Superb painting yet again John. What a lovely tank :o)

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