Sunday 26 September 2021


Four Jump Off Points for my next  project, US Marines, mine you I have a number of projects on the go. I managed to pick up some great bargains last year  from Mighty Ape which included a couple of Warlord Games plastic US Marines boxes which I am currently putting together. 

The base of the JOPs is made with a circular metal sheet, the oil drums are glued in place and a layer Milliput putty added on the surface. Once the Milliput sets, a variety of weapons and supplies were glued in place with superglue.

The American flag was made by coping a image of the flag from the internet, pasted it on  a Microsoft word page and reduced the image of the flag to suit the scale. 

I then printed it with my black and white printer and used Vallejo paints to paint  in the red, white and blue portions of the flag. 

I washed the flag with Agax Earthshade and went over the enhance the red, white and blue colours on the flag with the relevant colours.

I then cut out the flag, used super glue on the underside of the flag to glue it in place on the JOP simultaneously using a metal instrument to help adapt it around the oil drums before it sets.

The last step was to apply a thin layer of superglue on the top surface of the paper flag to seal it and provide a protective coating.

The US JOPs in the midst of the  jungle.

Cheers John

Sunday 19 September 2021


 Finished my 4 Airborne troopers for the 1-48 Tactic game.

The context of the US Airborne pack
The team closing in on the Heer troopers

Cheers John 

Saturday 4 September 2021


This week, I worked on the terrain pieces included in the Kickstarter packs. I decided to get rid of the sharp edges on the circular pieces using a hand motor and a sharp hobby knife, this makes them look a bit more natural. 
Before starting on the painting process, I thoroughly washed the resin models with soapy water and a old toothbrush. I allowed them to completely dry before applying a coat of  Rustoleum black Primer and allowed a week drying time before  proceeding to use Vallejo Model Colour Paints to bring them to life.
I also cut out the resin window on the Kubelwagon and replace it with plastic sheeting to simulate cracked glass.
Once painted I applied a bit of flock around the edges to help them blend it better with the gaming mat. 
Having a good look at detail, I am assuming the creator must have used natural twigs and small branches to create the original masters for these nice resin items.

This and the following images are for size comparison between the terrain and  28mm Warlord Games figures.

Now onto the US Airborne figures 
cheers John