Saturday 20 April 2019

SCATTER TERRAIN: statues and monuments

Continuing with more scatter terrain, this time modelling statues and monuments for the gaming table, these  are meant for terrain, set in France.

German Grenadiers moving pass the Unknown French solider monument.
I constructed this monument using MDF for the base,etching in the stone work with a hand motor. 
I also used Evergreen plastic styrene sheets to build up the layers of stone slab.
The four rounded stone posts are Bamboo sticks trimmed in a sharpener to create a rounded point.

I managed to purchase this pack of 1:72 scale WW 1 French Infantry at a good price and used  2 of the figures, one for the "unknown soldier" the other for a soldier carrying a flag.  
Completed monument, unfortunately I forgot to check with the actual image and painted him as a brass based statue instead of stone , which I later corrected as seen in the images below.
The real "Unknown WW 1 French soldier monument'  in Gordes, France.
 Finished monument with the correction done.

I painted the stone using the same painting guide I used for my low stone walls

This is the other monument I made with the other WW1 French soldier.

Again MDF was used to build up the monument and then coated with Evergreen plastic styrene to construct a smooth finish. 
The chain is made from thick cord ,coated with a thin layer of superglue and  painted which GW Leadbelecher.
This soldier was painted to simulate a Brass statue, coating it in black primer, and dry brushing with Vallejo model colour Calvary Brown.
A careful application of  GW Thraka Green wash to simulate oxidization of the brass.
Green wash was carefully placed in certain areas to simulate mould.

I pinched one of my son's 1:72 scale metal knights to construct this monument, again using the same technique as above to build up the base.  

Painted the base as per stone walls, and painted the knight as per above monument.

cheers John