Tuesday 20 June 2017


I thought it would be a good idea to record the method and colours I used to paint my Late war British Infantry for future reference and also to share with others. These images have been sitting in my computer for some time but I did not have any time to put it together until now.

Its been a real learning curve for me (and continues to be), trying to paint 28mm figures, fortunately others have been kind enough to share their techniques and secrets.
Two people that I constantly refer to are Toby of  Artmaster Studio TV and Christy Beall of Wargames,Soldiers and Strategy . 
tFor super detail painting I thoroughly recommend visiting  Moiterei's bunte Welt
blog for inspiration .

Completed 28mm Late War British Infantry

Basing Technique:
1st figure: 
Trim flash lines with modelling knife and file.
-use Green stuff to sculpt helmet and rifle strap.
-I use magnetic sheets for base, cut retention on the top surface using a hobby knife and super glue the figure in place. see Basing 

2nd figure:
-apply Milliput to the base of the figure.

3rd and 4th figure:
-Undercoat with a suitable Primer

Flesh areas:
Left figure:
shows the application of 2 thin coats of Vallejo Panzer Aces Flesh Base 341

Right figure:
shows the results of applying the next stage of a wash Reikland Flesh of to the flesh areas.
once dry apply Agrax Earthshade between the fingers and the front portion of the face(small area around the middle of the face)>

Use the same Flesh base to highlight all the raised areas on the face and fingers leaving the dark fold areas intact.
Use Vallejo model color Flat Fleah 955 to further highlight aspects of the areas done in the previous step.

Use Model colour "White Grey" paint teeth and Game colour "Carne Marron Tan" for the lower lip only.

Right figure: paint the uniform with Vallejo model colour British Uniform.

Left figure:
Apply Agrax Earthshade wash over British Uniform colour
Once dry use the base coat to coat the shirt and trousers while avoiding the creases.

Right figure:
Apply the first Highlight 2:1 ratio British Uniform to Iraqui sand

2nd Highlight : increase the ratio to 1:1 British Uniform to Iraqui Sand

View the model from above and highlight the areas you can see with a increased portion of 1:2 British Uniform to Iraqui Sand

Webbing,Packs, Straps and Gaiters
Redefine any areas on the webbing and rifle that have been painted over with the flesh or Uniform colour

rear view

Left figure:
Use Vallejo model color Russian Uniform as the base colour and paint all the webbing, packs, gaiters and straps.

Right figure
1st Highlight use 1:1 ratio of Russian Uniform and Iraqui Sand.

Same info as above , (the gaiters can be painted the same colour or with Khaki following the same procedure for the webbing etc)

Webbing,Packs, Straps and Gauntlets
2nd Highlight 1:2 ratio of Russian Uniform and Iraqui Sand 

Helmet with Netting:
Base coat: VMC Olive Grey 888
Wash: Agrax Earthshade
Dry Brush Netting on Helmet : use Russian uniform with a touch of Iraqui Sand

Helmet without Netting:
Base coat: VMC Olive Grey (may also use VMC German Dark Green)
Wash: Agrax Earthshade
Dry Brush: use VMC Olive Grey(or VMC German Dark Green 1:1 Iraqui Sand

Rags on Helmet:
Brown Rags:
Base: Vallejo Model Color Beige Brown
Highlight: Beige Brown 1:1 Iraqui Sand

Green Rags:
Base: Vallejo Model Color Russian Uniform
Highlight: Russian Uniform 1:1 Iraqui Sand

Water bottle and spade handle:
Base: VMC Beige Brown
1st Highlight: 1:1 ratio Beige Brown and Iraqui Sand
2nd Highlight:1:2 ratio Beige Brown and Iraqui Sand

Base: VMC Black Grey
1st Highlight: 1:1 ratio Black Grey and Iraqui Sand
2nd Highlight:1:2 ratio Black Grey and Iraqui Sand

Wooden parts:
Base: VMC Mahogany Brown
Highlight: 1:1 ratio   Mahogany Brown and Iraqui Sand

Metallic parts:
Base: VMC Black Grey
1st Highlight: 1:1 ratio Black Grey and Iraqui Sand
2nd Highlight:1:2 ratio Black Grey and Iraqui Sand
3rd very light Highlight to some areas: Leadbleacher

Base: VMC Black Grey
Wash: Nulin Oil 
1st Highlight: 1:1 ratio Black Grey and Iraqui Sand
2nd Highlight:1:2 ratio Black Grey and Iraqui Sand

Game colour "Carne Marron Tan"

Base: VMC Offwhite and lip of Mug any light blue color
Wash: Agrax Earthshade
Highlight: with the appropriate colours 

Model Base:
Base: 1:1 ratio of VMC Flat Earth and Offwhite
Wash: Agrax Earth shade
Light Dry Brush: 1:1:1 ratio VMC Flat Earth,Offwhite and Ivory White

At this point I would touch up or further highlight anything that needs attending to.
Finally add Decals with decal fix.

Coat with 1 thin coat of Vallejo Gloss Varnish

Apply 2 thin coats of any suitable Matt Varnish (I use AK Ultra Matt Varnish)
Its very important to protect your paint work if you are gaming with your figures.

Add flock to the base and your troops are ready to be shipped to the front line.

Cheers John