Friday 17 March 2023



I know its been a while since the event but I finally managed to put together some images of  the first LARD ZONE in Australia, at  CANCON 2023, organised by Peter Rossetti. 

Big thanks to Peter for organising the event and all the hosts of the games and especially for the guest visit from Richard Clarke,  all the way from Pommy land.  

Finally meet  Richard in person after years of conversing with him over the internet. 

10mm WHAT A TANKER, I hosted this game for the first 2 morning events and all the players enjoyed the game.

In the afternoon session I hosted the "Brecourt Manor table" using 28mm figures, here Kyle and his Dad  played 2 rounds  swapping sides so that each experienced both the US paras and Germans .

Here is the Jungle table (The battle of Wau) I put together for Len Tracey, just before the players were gathering to play the game, unfortunately I was not able to take any photos of the players gaming as I was hosting the What a tanker game.
However I did mange to take a couple of snap shots of the other gaming table, I made for Len, the battle of Taierzhuang between the Japanese and Chinese.
Big Chain of Command hosted by Steve McGuigan, again the gaming table terrain was supplied by me. 
Third days 2 x Big 'What a Tanker" games with 28mm vehicles, again hosted by Steve McGuigan

Mark Bretherton hosting his Sharp Practice game 
Ben Fiene hosting "bag the Hun"

Peter Rossetti  hosting his Chain of Command Cold War game.

Frank with his team hosting What a Cowboy.

Last minute "fill in" host Chris Hersey for O Group.

Andrew Champion and his team hosting  Battle of Bishenpur (Imphal 1944).

Charlie Egham and Andrew Bishop hosting "Strength and Honor"
Jon- Paul Adam and his team hosting "Chain of Command , Black Powder. 
Richard Clarke and Jason Dickie hosting "Infamy Infamy"
The afternoon, of the third day, trying to pack  my car with 6 tables worth of terrain.

Cheers John