Sunday 5 March 2023


Happy new year all, I have been in holiday mode for the past couple of months and needed something to get me back on track with my wargaming hobby so I decided to make a Force Moral Tracker for Infamy Infamy.

On  the last day of the Lard Down Under event at Cancon,  Australia, I managed  to sit on and observed a couple of  Infamy Infamy games with Jason Dickie and Richard Clarke as overseers.

I was impressed  and brought the rules, I will be getting into this set of rules in the future once I finish the current projects that are on the go.

Rule book with my two Force Morale Trackers
Force Morale Tracker with the details for modifying the die roll and setting the Force Morale.
I painted a Roman and Barbarian on 16mm blank white dice which will be the indicators on the Tracker
I used 3mm MDF and started cutting out the square inserts for the dice using a handpiece motor equipped with a cut off disc and cut just short of the inner edges.
I deepen the cut with box cutters.
Flipped the MDF over and cut out the square piece of MDF.
Image shows the portion remove but is still a bit rough.
Using a file I even  out sides and checked the fit with a dice.
Finished off cutting out the square inserts for the dice and trimmed the exterior of the Tracker to reduce its overall size.
 I used a biscuit tin lid for the base, used a pencil to outline the tracer  on the tin lid.
Scissor to cut out the shape.
Also nipped off the sharp points on the corner with the scissors. 
Roughened the surface with sandpaper for better paint adhesion.
Primed with black paint 
Initially I was going to leave it grey but changed my mind.
I decided to try and duplicate the overall colours scheme on the rule book using blue, white, light grey and black.
Happy with the colour of the base, I start to paint on the detail again using the rule book for inspiration.
I left the base of the tracker grey and painted the numerals.
I coated the all the surfaces with 2 coats of gloss varnish and finished it with a coat of dull coat spray.
I used liquid nails adhesive to stick the parts of the tracker together.
Close up of the Roman solider I painted and vanished with gloss.
Close up view of the Barbarian.
Completed tracker with the Roman indicator dice.

I also attached mini earth magnets on the base of the dice so that they would adhere to the metal base on the tracker insuring  a good bond, even if the Tracker was bumped.

Cheers John


  1. Very clever, and very effective... I may have to be inspired by that to do some for myself. Though I might use pennies with suitable figures, and a magnetic base.

    1. Thanks Doug, glad to hear that I have inspired you.
      cheers John

  2. John these look great - the painted dice are a very nice touch!

  3. Very nicely done John! Good to see you hobbying again 🙂

  4. Thanks Matt for your comments
    cheers John