Tuesday, 30 June 2015


After some input from the guys on 'Too Fat Lardies Forum' I used 'Paint' on my PC to construct some Blinds.

  • Where he describes how he made his excellent clear Blinds. I was very impressed by them and constructed my own clear Blinds but in the Oval shape.I tried following James instructions and used the clear Transparency Sheets for Plain Paper copiers but was not happy with results (don't have a laser printer) so I just used:
  • black permanent marker to trace the shape of the Blinds I had already made.
  • cut out the shape.
  • I printed up some letters and insignia's,can be viewed: DOWNLOAD LINK:
  • cut them out.
  • used a small amount of paper glue to hold the letters and insignias onto the Transparent Blind.
  • laminated them and cut them out.
  • note that you can use any type of clear sheeting that you get your hands on for this method.
My original Axis Blind and the Transparent Blind below:

                                  My original Allies Blind and the Transparent Blind below:

I am happy with the results and the fact that the terrain under the Blind is visible is a big plus.
"Now onto the next IABSM project"

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