Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I just finished my first Patrol markers I didn't want perfect spotless markers so I made them look "battle harden", I have  included instructions on how I made them and thanks to fellow blogger Agentbalzac who suggested that I included another set of icons with the label "LOCKED" on the underside of the chip to indicate its status when locked down.

To Download the printable British,German, Russian, American and Japanese Icons  -  follow the  DOWNLOAD LINK:



  1. Just visited your site John, some great ideas. I think one of the laser cut traders need to put your CoC Counter into mass production, superb.

  2. Really like the CoC counter and the patrol markers, thanks Idea appropriated, note I did not use the term stolen.

  3. Thanks Silver Whistle and Chris for your comments, I am working on making a CoC counter n Perspex, Chris if you make the coc counter post it, maybe you can improve on the design.

  4. Great job. I like the battle hardened effect. I shall have to troll the local $2 emporium and see what they've got for poker chips.

    Are they double sided? I've made similar out of card but with a duplicate flag and overprinted with the word 'Locked' on the obverse. That way when the marker is locked, it can be flipped over in situ.

  5. Great idea Agentbalzac,,thanks so much for that comment. I have taken on board your idea and have update my Blog with newly constructed "Locked ' labels on for the underside and update the link file.
    many thanks John