Wednesday 1 February 2017


The Stone walls have been scratched build with MDF  for use with 28mm scale miniatures in conjunction with Chain of Command game
They are classed as:
  • Medium Obstacles(up to chest height of a man).
  • Hard Cover

Infantry may attempt to move over these walls using 2D6 of movement.

The higher dice rolled is discarded, leaving the lower dice for the Infantry unit to use in its attempt to reach and cross the wall.
 (Any troops that are unsuccessful in crossing the wall, may use the discarded dice to move closer to the wall).

Infantry portable Anti tank weapons maybe Activated by a Senior Leader to fire at Infantry in hard cover, doubling any HITS achieved.
Fully Tracked vehicles are the only vehicles that are allowed to smash thru these walls using 2D6 of movement.  

The lower dice is discarded, leaving the higher dice for the vehicle to reach and smash thru the wall. 

While attempting the task, if doubles are rolled the vehicle is Temporally Immobilised

In the following Phases it may attempt to free itself by Activating the Driver and rolling 1D6.

 On a roll of:

5-6 its free and moves the number rolled in inches.
1 it becomes permanently Immobilised. 

Temporary or Permanently Immobilised vehicle will Double any Shock it suffers in subsequent Phases.

Using 3mm MDF cut strips 3.5cm x 30cm and 6mm MDF 2.4cm x 30 cm

Use box cutters carve notches onto of the 6mm MDF strip this will be the top of the stone wall.

Make triangular cuts into the base portion of the MDF 

Using a Dremel type hand grinder in conjunction with a circular bur start to run the bur up and down in a circular motion to form the shape of the stones.

Continue with a fine fissure bur defining each stone.   

On the 3mm MDF base mark out the middle on both ends to help with locating the wall section.

Apply PVA glue to the base and position on the base using the pencil marks as a guide.

Once the glue is dry use a Mitre box to cut in half.

Measure and mark 2.3 cm down from the edge of one side and using a hand saw make 2 cuts to remove portion of the base. Mark this piece as your Master.

Use the master as a guide to scribe all the stones wall bases.

Use a hand saw cut along the lines marked to reveal a square end on one side only.

Option step: cut into the base to give it a irregular shape.

Prime MDF( best to prime the base as well) 

Paint the walls with Vallejo Model Colour 886 Green Grey.

Use a 40:60 mix of Green Grey and Off white 820 to dry brush the walls.

Dry brush with Offwhite 820 then use Reikland Fleshwash to colour random stones, once dry, use Offwhite  820 to Lightly dry brush wall.

Apply PVA with brush and add flock.

Completed flocking allow to dry, optional step is to spray  weak watered down PVA glue onto the flock .

Completed stone wall with breached wall and gate added.

Top view showing how the walls match up.

The indented cuts allows for some adjustments to be made to the walls for a better fit on the gaming mat.

Also allows for a nice fit .
Don't forget to make a number of gates, these where made from matches.

Break in the wall caused by a tracked vehicle allows Infantry to freely move thru the wall.


  1. You are an absolutely incredible terrain maker.

  2. John, you have far more patience than I. :)

    Beautiful work as ever. Your game tables must be a joy to play on.

    1. Thanks Dai for your comment, I agree, it does make a big difference to the game if you can spend some time making nice terrain.
      cheers JOhn

  3. These are brilliant. I tried making stone walls out of foam but couldn't find any foam sheets of the right width. I am going to have to give this a go!

  4. Can I also ask John, what do you use for your flock? It looks great.

  5. Hi Aaron, I first thought of making them out of foam as well, but after gaming with small terrain pieces that where made of foam, I found that they were too easy to move or bump over, so hence the MDF.

    Good to see your walls when completed.

    The flocking material is a bit of a mix of Javis Premier Scatter fine turf Light Green, Woodlands scenic Green blend and blended earth, coco fibers trimmed into small pieces, different fibers, summer blend,green fibers and whatever else is lining around. I add the material into 1 container slowly in very small portion until I am happy with the mix all done by eye.
    hope this helps
    cheers John ,