Sunday, 19 June 2022


I decided to put together a Section of British Commandos for Special operation scenarios. I didn't want to buy some, so once again I raided my odds and ends box and found 9 x Warlord games plastic, Late war British infantry figures that were sitting idle since 2016. They were set up with their kit, back packs, helmets etc., already primed Black, I had to remove their helmets, helmet straps, backpacks and shovel kit with a sharp hobby. Then proceed to transform them into Commandos. 
Completed section painted and flock added to their bases.
Commandos on a night raid, somewhere in France.
Figures ready for Primer.
I used Green stuff to model the cap, first step, apply a very small blob on top of the head, start adapting the green stuff  down onto the model, start from the front and work your way around the head and back to the starting point, using a instrument 
Next step is to roll out a very thin sausage of green stuff and lay in just onto of the already adapted Green stuff. 
Next using a sharp hobby knife make light indentations in the cap as shown in the image, start from the lower part of the cap, then to the upper portion. Finally make a couple of slight indentations on top of the cap. 
Black primer applied ready for painting, after I completed this task I remembered I forgot to model one of the figures wielding a knife.
All the figures I had were standing poses, I converted these three into kneeling positions. For most of the figures I had to remove their arms and replace them with new ones, which were again modified with the help of a sharp hobby knife and Green stuff , I also used a product called  Citadel Layer, Kabalite Green, its basically  liquified Green stuff.
The first figure is firing a Welrod silenced pistol, which has 6 rounds of ammo, I modelled it simply by cutting off the top portion of a pistol and replacing it with a long cylinder shape piece of plastic.
I used the Kabalite green to add to the straps and used twine to make rope,
The Commando on the left is using a silenced pistol called the Weirod 
Gun straps on all the weapons where made from Green stuff putty, silencers have been added to the  Sten guns by attaching a small piece of plastic. 
I also made some rope with green stuff putty.

These two figures have back packs, I used Milliput to model them. I figured I could use these guys to carry explosives.

Cheers John 


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    1. Thanks Spyros, might see you at MOAB this year.
      cheers John

  2. Those are great, but I was surprised that you used the kabalite green paint as a putty... it should not be that thick!

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker for your comments, yes the kabalite green is great for sealing small areas, the trick is to build up a couple or so layers over the area .cheers John

  3. Great stuff John, you would think they came out of the box like that! Well done.

  4. Wonderful work. Appreciate you showing the steps in your conversion process.