Sunday, 14 February 2016


Vickers Machine Gun  28mm

Continuing working on my Support Troops for my yet to be painted British Platoon, this being a Vickers Machine Gun, with 5 crew members and 1 Junior Leader. 
I converted 3 infantry figure to make up the balance of the crew. 
I also replaced the metal heads on the gunner,loader and the guy with the ammo pack with heads from plastic British Infantry so that they blend in better.

(note : thanks to all the guys who reminded me that the MMG team does not need a Junior Leader in Chain of Command  game)

After taking the photos I did notice that the  metallic brass paint on the bullets seems to faded away with the application of gloss vanish, which needed to be touched up, In the  future I think I will apply the metallic paint after the completion of the varnish stage. 

5 crew members + 1 Junior Leader


  1. Lovely work John. I hope that JL has cross-trained in something else besides machine gunnery though, there's no JL in the crew in CoC! He'd make a good observer for the mortars maybe?

  2. Corrr!!!! Lovely stuff John. Really like those figures :o)

  3. Thanks Andy and Matt for your comments and thanks for pointing out their is no JL in MMG team, the guy with the binoculars is actually from a 3"mortar team.

  4. What did you use for the water cooling tube? I am having the damnest time trying to attach something to my Artizan's Vickers HMG.

    1. Hi Dick, the Vickers is from Warlords. I used a metal tube that was included in the kit, I just presumed that was what it was for, as the kits don't come with instructions.
      You could use any type of metal that will match up, you could use stiff brass rod with the use of pliers you can bend it into the shape you need. If you have one of those Asian 2 dollar stores around, you can buy some cheap soft metal tube/wire that is more easier to manipulated into the desired shape.
      Attaching the wire to the gun and the water can was a bit of a pain so the solution I came up with is to use a hobby hand drill and make holes to match the diameter of the wire into both the can and the barrel of the gun and then glue them with super glue.
      hope this helps,