Monday 11 January 2016


On returning home from a long Christmas  holiday, I spent the first day back constructing another CoC counter. I tried to improve, streamline and provide more info on it.( its a bit of a rush job). 

Its the same size as the previous one but constructed from perspex. (the Brits there for scale ,its not finished ,still trying to workout how to paint 28 mm figures )

Brief description of its function:
  • The Chain of Command dial tracks the number of 5's rolled 
  • The 2 green dice are place face up 'blank' in the 2 spaces provided above the Chain of Command dial, when this dial reaches 6, one green dice is turned to reveal the words 'CoC dice' which in turn indicates the player has a Chain of Command dice available for use.
  • The Force Morale dial "as you can guess" tracks the morale of the force.
  • The list on the left side of the Force Morale dial indicates the initial roll of a D6 to determine the Morale of your troops with the added modifiers if its Green or Elite.
  • The list in the middle indicates the time a Morale roll test is required.
  • The area marked as 'Command Dice' house up to  6 Command Dice. 

  • Use a hack saw to cut the Perspex.
  • All perspex surfaces were very lightly sanded with 400 grit sand paper to remove the gloss shine, to produce a  Matt finish.
  • I  removed the small CoC dial on the original counter that indicated the number of Chain of Command Dice available and replaced it with Green dice. 
  • The Green dice are cheep dice from a newsagent with the pips sanded off .
  • I used  a electric hobby type grinder to scribe into the perspex  the words and then flowed the desired paint colour into the letters and lightly sanded off the excess paint with 400 grit sand paper.
  • Interscrews where used to hold the two dials in position on the base of the perspex.
  • Super glue was used to cement the strips of perspex that form the borders of the dice rack.

Until the next upgrade of the Chain of Command counter.

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