Saturday, 28 March 2020


More scatter terrain, this time for a train station. 
A train with coal car, storage tank, rail line end buffer and a couple of ballast piles.

Completed train and coal car.

I  purchased this train from the toy section in  Kmart a couple of years ago for the grand price of 5 AUD dollars.
I put it aside thinking it may come in handy one day if I encountered a scenario that required a train station.
The train was brightly coloured  in gloss green and yellow, the first step in transforming  it into something that can be used on the gaming table was  to remove the original paint and expose the bare materials underneath.
Next step, use a spray can of  black primer to coat the vehicle.
I used Vallejo model colour Black grey as the base coat and highlighted by adding increasing portion of Iquai sand to the base coat.

I use Vallejo game colour Camo Marron Tan on the small portion in front of the train.

Thin down  VMC Calvary brown was used to add rust and some weathering on the body of the train engine. 
Also added some tiny specs of VMC Black grey.

The coal car was painted in the same manner as the train engine but the coal was coated with VMC Black grey and a coat of clear gloss was carefully added to the top portions of the coal only. 

Completed tank storage. 

The inspiration for this came from a post on Pinterest posted by "Modellers Russia". The orange container comes from a  Kinder surprise choclate.
Its mounted on a small piece of MDF which has been etched and some bits of wood glued in place on top of the base.

The hose is made from metal wire, the red top comes from my hobby knife blade holder lid trimmed to sit on the Kinder surprise container.
The little white plastics masquerading as bolts are bits of Everygreen styrene.

A 28 mm figure is there for scale.

The tank was coated with a black primer.
I think I used Vallejo model colour Calvarly brown as a base and added more light coats, I also used Vallejo game colour Camo MarronTan.

This is a train rail Buffer.
The rail buffer matches up with the rail line.

I constructed it with bits of MDF etched some grains in the wood with a hand motor.

Painted it the usual way I paint wood grain.
I used this product from Woodland scenic for the Ballast.
The ballast was glued in place with PVA glue. 

Added flock. 

This is the larger Ballast pile. 

Smaller ballast pile.

To make the Ballast piles, I used Evergreen styrene sheet as a base, glued in place  a blob of cured plaster to create a mount. I painted the whole surface with black primer and glued the ballast onto the mount with PVA glue.
Last of all flocked the base and some portion within the ballast.

A BEF 28 mm figure in place to get idea of the scale of the different terrain objects.
Cheers John 


  1. Lovely work and the Kinder egg transformation is brilliant!

  2. Creative, wonderful and atmospheric job...Congrats!

  3. These are sensational John, the Kinder egg tank is just brilliant!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to paint and weather my Sarrisa MDF train.

    1. Good to hear you have been inspired
      cheers John

  5. Very nice Joihn, I think every wargames table is improved by the addition of a train. I must do one myself.